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Spotted Grapevine Beetle

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Spotted Grapevine Beetle

Common names: Spotted Grapevine Beetle, Spotted pelidnota, Spotted June beetle

Scientific name: Pelidnota punctata

Region: This Caterpillar is found throughout North America.

Life cycle: This insect produces one generation each year and hibernates as a mature larva.  Its only in the adult stage for two months.

Physical Description: This 1” long, light brown, shiny beetle has 6 black spots on the wings.  The larva is a large white grubs that prefer well-rotted wood matter.

Feeding characteristics: The adults feed on grape leaves and, if numerous, may cautilize damage.

Controls: If the number of infested plants is small, hand pick the insects.

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Tiger Beetle

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Tiger Beetle

Common names: Tiger Beetle

Scientific name: Tetracha virginica

Region: This beetle is found in the western region of North America.  However, there are similar species found in the South and throughout North America.

Life cycle: This beetle overwinters in the soil as adults and larvae.  The entire life cycle of the this beetle takes two to three years to complete.

Physical Description: These 3/4 inch beetles are distinguished by their flashy, iridescent hues of blue, green, bronze, and purple.  They have long legs and are strong fliers.  The eggs are laid one at a time in burrows within the soil.  The larva is white and S-shaped with heavy spines and a hump in the middle of the body with curved hooks.

Feeding characteristics: Both the adult and the larvae feed during the day on many plant eating insects.  The larvae spend time at the bottom of tunnels, waiting for an insect to stumble in.

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