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Tanglewing Flies

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Tanglewing Fly

Common names: Tanglewing Flies, Tangle-Veined Flies

Scientific name: Trichopsidea sp

Region: Throughout North America

Life cycle: One brood per year.  Emerges from the host and overwinters in the soil.  It pupates the following spring.

Physical Description: The adults are black, with dense yellow hair.  No distinct bands or marking on the abdomen.  They are .25 to .4 inches long.  The Eggs are laid in cracks in fence posts and other upright objects in huge numbers (up to 1000 in fifteen minutes).

Feeding characteristics: The adults are nectar and pollen feeders.  When the eggs hatch, they are scattered in the wind.

They attached themselves to the Grasshopper, and bore into the abdomen.  It forms a breathing tube attached to the host’s tracheal system.  Grasshopper populations have been observed to suffer drastic reduction after a severe attacking by these parasites.

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