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Friday, September 11th, 2009

(PVX, PVS, PVM, also PVY and PVA)

Mosaic symptoms may be caused in potato leaves by several different viruses, singly or in combination.
mosaicsSome of these are potato virus X (PVX), potato virus S (PVS), and potato virus M (PVM), as well as PVY and PVA.
PVX may cause yield losses above 10%, with the extent varying according to strain and potato cultivar.

It is transmitted through infected tubers and by contact (not by aphids), and normally causes mosaic.

Infection may be mild in some cultivars and is frequently latent. Virulent strains may cause crinkling. Some cultivars are hypersensitive to certain strains and react with top necrosis.
PVS is common and may cause mild symptoms.

It has little effect on yield. It is transmitted through infected tubers, by contact, and by aphids in some strains.
Infection is normally latent although some cultivars react with mild mosaic or faint vein banding.
A few sensitive potatoes cultivars react with severe bronzing, necrotic spotting, or even leaf drop.
PVM is less common than PVY, PVX, or PVS, and little is known about its effects on yield. It is perpetuated by infected tubers and transmitted by contact and by aphids.
The virus is latent in some potatoes cultivars although in others it causes a mild mosaic or even a severe mosaic and leaf crinkle.
Under certain environmental conditions, sensitive cultivars may also develop necrosis of petioles and leaf veins.

Management of Mosaics potato disease

PVX, PVS, and PVM are controlled by clonal selection during seed multiplication. Roguing is useful only when obvious symptoms develop.
Cultivars resistant to PVX for growing potatoes are available.

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