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Pink Rot Potato disease

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

(Phytophthora erythroseptica )

Pink rot is most severe occurs while growing potatoes at soil temperatures of more than 20°C in water-logged soils. It is generally not a major problem.

Symptoms of Pink Rot

Although the disease may cause a wilt with stem decay and potatoes leaf chlorosis, usually only tubers have symptoms of dark brown, water-soaked discoloration and sometimes a rubbery texture.
The colour change of cut potato tuber surfaces is characteristic. Within 5 to 20 minutes, these turn from a nearly normal colour to pink and later to black.

The rot is accompanied by a faint vinegar-like smell. Small lesions at harvest may go undetected but grow during storage, although the disease does not spread in potatoes storage.


This soil- and seed-borne disease is enhanced by excessively wet soil conditions and is controlled by improving drainage.

The potatoes disease can be eliminated by fumigating infested soil, complemented with metalaxyl 5G at planting time and the use of healthy potato seed tubers.

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