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Purple Top Wilt

Friday, September 11th, 2009

leafhopper(Aster Yellows, Stolbur, Haywire) These diseases, caused by mycoplasma-like organisms that resemble bacteria that lack a cell wall and are thus of indefinite shape, can severely affect yield and tuber sprouting and quality. They are transmitted by leafhoppers.

Symptoms of Purple Top Wilt
Symptoms of Purple Top Wilt include development of shoots and/or aerial tubers in leaf axils.
Potatoes plants become stunted and apical leaves may curl and turn yellowish or purplish. Plants may wilt.
Potatoes tubers from infected plants do not sprout normally.

They are often small, flaccid, malformed, and without sprouts or with thin “hair sprouts”.
Witches’-broom is a symptom caused by another strain of mycoplasma.

Although these diseases are usually of minor importance in potato, being current-season problems only, hundreds of species of vegetable, ornamental, and field crop plants and weeds are susceptible to them.


Leafhoppers cannot acquire the pathogen from potato, and they can be partly controlled by killing weed hosts from which these vectors move to the potato crop.

Leafhoppers can often be avoided by planting later in the growing season after their migration has ended.
The principal leafhopper vectors develop on convolvulaceous weeds, grasses, and small grains.

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